Garissa University admits both government and privately sponsored students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. International students are also eligible for admission into various academic programmes provided they satisfy the minimum entry requirements into these programmes as set by Senate.
Apart from the general entrance requirements stipulated here below under the various programmes, other requirements are specified to each Programme requirements under the appropriate sections of the calendar for each school.

Programme Categories
a) Certificate course: Certificate courses are offered to individuals with minimum mean grade of D+ obtained at KCSE level or its equivalent.
b) Diploma Programmes: minimum mean grade of C (plain) at KCSE level or its equivalent.
c) Undergraduate Degree Programmes: minimum mean grade of C+ (plus) at KCSE level or its equivalent or Diploma in a relevant field.
d) Postgraduate Programmes: Bachelor’s degree in a related field and any other qualification recognized by Garissa University.

Programmes per School

School of Education , Arts and Social Sciences

School of Biological and Physical Sciences   

School of Business and Economics

School Of Agriculture & Natural resources(Proposed)

List of Student Downloads


Complete both sides of the application form and send it to: Admissions office, P.O. Box 1801-70100, Garissa, Kenya, with a non-refundable application fee of Kshs 500  -for Certificates and Diploma programmes

of Kshs 1000  -for Undergraduate  programmes

of Kshs 2000  -for Masters programmes

of Kshs 3000  -for Phd programmes

paid to any Equity branch in Kenya.

PSSP(Privately Sponsored Students Programme)Account name; Garissa University and Account number; 0580261358406.