The role of the information professional has continually been changing over the years and has progressively evolved into information management roles which have necessitated new skill requirements such as information search skills, research skills, IT skills, transferable and soft skills that are generic; and cut across disciplines including communication, management, leadership and   entrepreneurship. The programmes in the School of Information Science has been designed to address these challenges.


To be recognized Regionally, Nationally, and internationally as an Interdisciplinary programme of excellence   in   Information Sciences.


To Educate Information Professionals   and Consumers to Live, Work, and Flourish in a Dynamic Information Society through Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Innovation.


The quality objectives of the Department of information Sciences are to:

  1. To increase innovation in teaching, research, and service; foster transparency; and remain accountable to key stakeholders.
  2. To enhance the pre eminence of the department's reputation and visibility, and to attract and retain diverse high ranking teaching staff.
  3. To advance the department   diversity and multicultural and global perspectives.
  4. To further community engagement, social responsibility, information literacy, and equity of access to information.
  5. To offer an innovative and relevant curriculum for the undergraduate programs.
  6. To advance the use and Innovation of Information and Communication Technologies.