Conduct in the Library

i. Smoking, eating, drinking, making of phone calls and any other misconduct which is a nuisance to other users is prohibited.

ii. Writing, defacing or damaging library materials is prohibited.

iii. All users should comply with safety regulations displayed on library notice boards.

iv. Seats may not be reserved

v. Overcoats and bags brought into the library must be deposited in the designated area.

vi. Library materials or personal effects left unattended in the reading area may be removed by library staff.

vii. The university shall not be held liable for loss or damage of personal effects left by users in any part of the library.

viii. No person shall enter or leave the library except via authorised entrance and exit points.

ix. Any member of the library staff may require any person leaving the library to establish that library materials in his/her possession have been properly borrowed.

x. Electrical sockets in the library must not be used for personal equipment other than laptop computers and similar portable devices.

Borrowing of Library Materials

i. Application to borrow library materials must be made at the circulation desk by the borrowers.

ii. Borrowers shall be entitled to:

  • Students: 2 books for 7 days
  • Teaching staff: 3 books for 14 days
  • Non-teaching staff: 2 books for 14 days

iii. The following materials may be not be borrowed except under special conditions as the University Librarian may determine:

  • ? Books and journals classified as reference.
  • ? Current journals.
  • ? Any other materials as the University librarian may determine

iv. The University Librarian may withhold or restrict the circulation of any library materials in the library or transfer from one part of the library to another as circumstances may dictate.

v. No library material may be borrowed beyond the library control point unless it has been duly issued at the circulation desk.

vi. A borrower remains responsible for any library material on loan as long as the loan record remains unchanged.

vii. Borrowers are responsible for protecting any library material in their possession against damage and must report to the University librarian any loss or damage of materials.

viii. Electrical sockets in the library must not be used for personal equipment other than laptop computers and similar portable devices.

ix. Laptop computers or portable devices are used in the library at the owner’s risk. Devices requiring a power supply may only be used at desks immediately adjacent to power sockets, to avoid the safety hazard caused by trailing electrical cables. Computing equipment should be used with consideration for others.

Re-call of Library Materials

The University Librarian may re-call any materials from a borrower by notice which shall specify return of the same within specified days.

Renewal of Library Materials

i. Books borrowed may be renewed for a further period provided that such books have not been requested for by another reader and that the borrower does so personally.

ii. Renewal of overdue books will be granted only upon payment of incurred penalties.

Reservation of Library Materials

Readers may request for a book to be reserved if and when such required book has been borrowed by other readers. Books on reserve request will be lent on first come first served basis.

Overdue Notice

Books and other materials borrowed from the library will be regarded overdue the day immediately following the end of the loan periods and will be deemed lost after two weeks and therefore, subject to section (m) of these regulations.

Fines on overdue materials

Fines for overdue borrowed material shall normally be one shilling (Ksh. 1.00) per item per day while those from Short Loan Reserve Collection shall be one shilling (Ksh. 1.00) per item per hour. However the charges may be revised from time to time by the University Librarian. If, a fine is outstanding after a period of one month from the date when the material first become overdue, the University Librarian will institute the necessary procedures to recover the money owed.

Breach of library regulations

Breach of Library Regulations by staff and students of the University shall be dealt with in accordance with the Regulations Governing Staff Discipline and Conduct and Discipline of Students, respectively while non-University members' membership shall be withdrawn.


i. All users are required to clear with the library and must pay lost books and overdue fines before they leave .All borrowing tickets must be surrendered to the librarian when


ii. Students who fail to comply shall have their examination withheld

iii. Staff who fail to comply will have cost of replacement of books plus administration cost recovered

Disposal of Library Materials
Library materials which are considered of no value to the University programmes may be donated to other institutions or individuals in a manner approved by Senate and Council.