Triumph Over Terror

Garissa University vice-chancellor, Prof. Ahmed Osman Warfa said the institution is safer than other universities in the country, and encouraged prospective students to join the institution.

He said the construction of a perimeter wall around the university is on course, with 90% of the work complete adding that cameras and surveillance system will be installed on the perimeter wall and in the student hostels, and will be monitored by trained security guards.

In an interview with citizen Tv 10 April, Tuesday 2018 live from Garissa University, the VC expressed regrets that young and hardworking students had their lives cut short in the most brutal way.

The VC said it’s not easy to forget what happened on 2nd April, 2015, and urged staff, students, and the community at large to be vigilant while emphasizing information sharing and cooperation with the security agencies.

The VC said “we must join hands to defeat violent extremism”, adding the law enforcement agencies are regularly in touch with the university administration and security officials based in the institution.

Prof Warfa has also announced that the institution would introduce additional quality market oriented programs saying that the institution will play a leading role in the development of arid and semi-arid region.

Armed security officials with those of the university security guards work jointly to enhance their patrolling, with unofficial vehicles and unauthorized persons completely barred from entering the campus as part of the security measures put in place to secure the institution.

All students are always advised to carry their university IDs at all times. New students, who have yet to receive their university cards, are also required to carry their national identity cards. In addition, the institution has also installed a biometric identification device at the main entrance to identify the staff and students entering the institution, while visitors are usually frisked before entering the institution. Armed security officers at the entrance reinforced by university security guards conducts thorough and intensive security checks on all cars entering the institution.

Every corner of the campus and surrounding areas are manned by armed security personnel assisted by trained security guards on foot patrol along student hostels and lecture halls during and after class hours. The guards monitor closely the people making their way towards the campus.