About GaU

About us

We Are The Oasis of Innovation

Garissa University was established as a constituent college of Moi university on 12th August 2011 through Legal Notice No. 116, the Moi University Act(Cap.210A and the Garissa university order 2011. The university became a fully fledged University on 23rd October 2017 and the first of its kind in the North-Eastern Region.
As the Youngest public university in the Republic of kenya, we have established governance as well as physical infrastructures to tackle the challenges of provision of Higher Education in the Republic by employing highly qualified and experienced staff and establishing robust technological infrastructure to support the University’s core objectives and research. We accept applications from prospective students throughout the year and those interested are encouraged to contact the university by way of telephone or e-mail or by using the contact form to get information

Visiting Garissa University

Studying at Garissa University is a great way to enhance your career. In today’s competitive environment, professionals need the skills to adapt to an ever-changing business world.

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