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About This Course

This programme shall be called a Bachelor of Arts Degree. A Bachelor of Arts Degree prepares candidates to work in the area of economic planning. The course is structured to reflect the changing world by providing a firm foundation for the world of work both in the domestic and global scene. Necessary academic subjects, consideration of ethical principles and general studies should influence decision-making in a competitive environment. The programme is also intended to provide students with professional foundation tailored to policy formulation and practice in Global scenario.

    1. Rationale of the Programme
    The Bachelor of Arts Economics Degree programme takes into consideration the following aspects:
    1. A student pursuing a bachelor’s of Arts Economics degree is ideally being trained to work as an economic planner in organizations or institutions in need of economic management skills.
    2. Organizations are ordinarily structured around a framework of key functions/ value activities necessary to help them attain key objectives of profitability and growth.
    3. A graduate of Bachelor of Arts Economics programme should have a general understanding of all economic functional areas and a deeper understanding of any one these functions
    4. Apart from an understanding of these functional areas, it is also important for the graduate to have deeper knowledge of the concept of Economic planning, business law, economics, quantitative techniques/business mathematics, Information Technology (IT), soft skills such as public speaking, public relations, business ethics, networking skills as well as an orientation of how business organizations work through a real work environment exposure via industrial attachment/corporate internships.
    5. As a general framework of reference, Bachelor of Arts Economics graduates should have the ability to:
      1. Apply knowledge and understanding in a manner that indicates professional approach in the work place through designing, devising, sustaining critical thinking and problem solving.
      2. Gather and interpret relevant data within the business field to help make effective decisions
      3. Communicate ideas, problems and solutions to other professionals and non professionals
      4. Develop learning skills that enables progression to higher levels of studies in economics
    1. Overall Goal of the Programme

    To produce competent and ethical economics graduates capable of effectively contributing to national and international economic development and progressing to higher levels of studies.

    1. Core Programme Learning Outcomes

    A graduate of Bachelor of Arts programme should be able to:

    1. Effectively carry out the key tasks in economics functional areas
    2. Carry out relevant research to help in effective decision making
    3. Effectively solve emerging problems and challenges in modern business organizations
    4. Conduct business practices within acceptable legal and ethical framework
    5. Effectively communicate and be a resourceful team player.
    1. Admission Requirements

    The applicant should be able to fulfill KUCCPS admission requirements as follows:

    1. Should at least attain B plain in Mathematics, English and B plain in Business Studies in KCSE or.
    2. Should have at least a mean grade of C+ (plus) and a C (plus) in Mathematics and English Language in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, or at least a C+ in Mathematics and a C (plain) in (Business Studies) commerce, Business Studies, Accounting, or Economics OR

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