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About This Course

Philosophy the Programme 

Communities are indispensable stakeholders in achieving sustainable development and creating an enabling environment for achieving Kenya Vision 2030 and the Big Four Agenda in a society where people can live and realize their full potential. The programme, BA in Community Development, endeavours to creatively promote and improve participative democracy, sustainable development, rights, economic opportunity, equality and social justice, through the organization education and empowerment of people within their communities. 

Rationale of the Programme  

Kenya being a signatory to the Millennium Development Goals, the BA in Community Development programme will contribute to meeting these goals by providing the necessary technical and professional expertise. BA in Community Development Programme is practical and relevant to many socio-economic, cultural, environmental and political realities of communities. 

Goal of the Programme 

The goal of this program is to equip students with knowledge and skills for a holistic approach to community development for social transformation. 

Expected Learning Outcomes of the Programme  

By the end of the BA in Community Development programme, the learner will be able to: 

  1. Describe concepts in community development.  
  2. Demonstrate competencies in management and leadership in community development. iii. Integrate principles of community development and community development processes. iv. Deal with contemporary and emerging issues and challenges in community development.  
  1. Design innovative programmes that mobilize communities to action.  
  2. Pursue advanced studies and careers in areas related to community development.  vii. Develop partnership with development agencies and engage in sustainable development. 

Mode of Delivery  

The programme shall be delivered both on full-time and part time basis. While full time classes will run on weekdays, part-time classes will involve evening classes and online learning. The programme shall be delivered through:  

  • Face-to face lectures,  
  • Online lectures 
  • Blended (Face-to face and online lectures) 
  • Seminar presentations 
  • Group and class discussions and 
  • Fieldwork 

Academic Regulations of the Programme 

Admission Requirements 

University undergraduate academic regulations shall apply. To qualify for admission to the BA in Community Development degree programme of Garissa University a candidate must: 

  1. Satisfy the minimum entry requirements set for admission into Kenyan public universities, which is a C+ 
  2. Have passed the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with at least a C+ in English/Kiswahili and one Humanity or Social Science. 

Programme Requirements 

The Programme requirement shall entail: learners class attendance, seminar presentations, and field research. The course shall also require access to internet. Learners shall be required to attend classes, participate in group discussions, practicals, fieldworks and seminar presentations, collect field data and research project in the field of community development. Lecturers will be required teach, moderate class presentations, guide in seminar and proposal writing, data collection and project report writing.  

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