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About This Course

In the School of Pure and Applied Sciences the following programmes are on offer:

1Bachelor of Science (Mathematical Statistics)
2Bachelor of Science (Applied Mathematics)
3Bachelor of Science (Pure Mathematics)
4Bachelor of Science (Physics)
5Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)
6Bachelor of Science (Botany)
7Bachelor of Science (Zoology)

Rationale of the Programmes in the Faculty

The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics offers undergraduate degree programmes leading to awards of Bachelor of Science degree in various physical and biological Sciences. In supporting the mission and vision of Garissa University College, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics  aims at producing graduates with practical and intellectual skills appropriate to the needs of the present and future Kenyan society.

Program Learning Outcomes

At the end of the Bachelor of Science programme, the graduate should be able to:-

  1. Design methods for collecting and interpreting data.
  2. Apply statistical techniques to model relationships between variables and make predictions.
  3. Design research system and effectively analyze the resulting data.


The “Bachelor of Science” programme seeks to develop competent and well trained scientists who will serve in various organizations and the community at large. The programme produces graduates with skills essential for supporting today’s scientific research for development.


To be admitted into the Bachelor of Science programme, a candidate must satisfy the minimum University entry requirements.  Eligibility for consideration for admission into the programme will be guided by the following minimum requirements:

KCSE Candidates 

Candidates with an overall grade C+ (PLUS) or equivalent and a minimum of C+ in the subject the candidate will major in.

A – Level Candidates 

 Be a holder of KACE Certificate with minimum of two principal passes and subsidiary pass and a minimum of credit in Mathematics at KCE or equivalent.

Diploma Holders 

Be a holder of Diploma with minimum of credit pass from a recognized institution recognized by the University Senate.

Students Assessment policy

Assessment of a unit shall be composed of Continuous Assessment Test (CAT), Work Based Assessment (WBA) and at the end of semester written examination. Continuous Assessment Test (CAT) and Work Based Assessment (WBA) shall contribute 30% of the total marks and the end of semester University Examination shall contribute 70% of the total marks.

Evaluation of teaching 

Each student shall be given a unit evaluation form at the end of every semester to assess the quality and effectiveness of the teaching methods and delivery of content.

Grading System 

The following grading system will be employed for each unit in which a student is enrolled. 

Mark% Grade

70 – 100 A

60 – 69 B

50 – 59 C

40 – 49 D

0 – 39 E

Examination regulations including disciplinary action and mode of appeal  

  1. Examinations shall be conducted either at an Approved Centre or at the University and in both cases shall be supervised by the University.
  2. All units shall be examined during the semester in which they are taken.  Such examinations shall be named ordinary university examinations.
  3. A student who has not attended three quarters of the lecture for any unit shall not be allowed to sit for the university examination.
  4. The University Examinations shall consist of written papers covering each unit completed.
  5. Regulations for Supplementary, Incomplete and Special examinations, repeating, discontinuation, and appeal for reassessment as provided in the learner Rules and Regulations shall apply.
  6. Regulations on irregularities in examinations and disciplinary actions as provided in the learner Rules and Regulations shall apply. 
  7. A student who absents himself/herself from any University Examination for any unit without due notice to the university, shall be deemed to have failed in the unit, with a total mark of zero.

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