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About This Course

 This program is designed for those who opt to specialize in theory and practice of educational management, leadership, planning and research. The course aims at exposing students to advanced studies of educational management, planning and research by using an approach that will help to produce skilled educational managers, leaders, policy-makers, practitioners and consultants who will use their knowledge to function effectively anywhere in the world. At all times the emphasis of this programme is on personal reflection and the application of theory to practice interface in pre-primary, primary, secondary, college and university education.

  1. Philosophy of the Programme

In line with the university’s transformative education agenda, the programme will focus on personal change and action so that graduates of the programme are able to recognise local and global challenges and their own abilities to rethink the dynamics and practices in educational management, administration and leadership. 

  1. Rationale of the Programme 

The need for competent educational managers in educational institutions that are expanding fast is the driving force behind the department’s creation of this programme. This programme has been designed to train educational managers, leaders and administrators ready to serve the ever-increasing demand for leadership in the education sector. 

  1. Goal of the Programme   

The primary goal of PhD in Educational Management at Garissa University is to prepare promising students for outstanding scholarly and professional achievement by educating them in the skills of educational management and in the intellectual and ethical foundations of research, instilling in each student the capacity for independent critical judgment and inspiring students to use their knowledge and training for the betterment of society.

  1. Expected Learning Outcomes 

By the end of the programme, the graduates should be able to: 

  1. Design and conduct independent empirical research focusing on aspects of management and leadership in education that positively impacts social change.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of contemporary issues and contextual debates in educational management and leadership.
  3. Examine reforms and barriers to positive change and apply best practices in education by utilizing culturally responsive perspectives, leadership theory, and management strategies.
  4. Critically analyse policies in educational management and leadership in tandem with sustainable development. 

Admission Requirements for the Proposed Programme

To be admitted into the programme, an applicant must satisfy the minimum university entry requirements for postgraduate programmes. In addition, the applicant must meet the following admission requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management or an equivalent qualification recognised by the Senate of Garissa University:

  1. A holder of a Master of Education degree of Garissa University or equivalent from a
    recognized University.
  2.  Must have taken at least five (5) units at Masters level in educational management/ administration/ leadership.
  3. Must show ability to undertake academic research by having written a thesis/dissertation at Masters level.
  4. Acceptance by the department of a concept paper of not more than 1000 words stating the applicant’s purpose and goals of study.

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