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About This Course

Philosophy of the Programme

Kenya continues to reform the education and security sectors to respond to emerging issues and ensure the country realizes its aspiration of “a nation of peace and stability”. Garissa University bears a profound responsibility to provide knowledge, skills and values needed for a peaceful and stable society. The University accomplishes this responsibility by focusing on transformative education, cutting-edge instruction and impactful research that prepares graduates with practical knowledge and skills about the forces, processes and practices that engender and contribute to peace, security and conflict. These graduates are equipped to engage in contemporary security enhancement, conflict resolution, peacekeeping and peacebuilding in the national and global contexts.

Goal of the Programme 

The goal of this programme is to produce innovative and dynamic graduates who possess enhanced understanding of the dimensions of peace and security as well as apply approaches to conflict management, resolution and transformation. The programme provides a unique student-centred, multidisciplinary approach through face-to-face and online mediums to foster experiential and collaborative learning. 

2.5  Expected Learning Outcomes of the Programme 

By the end of the programme, the learner shall be able to:

  1. Design and conduct research in peace, security and conflict management.
  2. Mainstream technology, ethics and gender in peace, security and conflict management.
  3.  Apply theories and strategies of peace to security and conflict management.
  4.  Demonstrate knowledge, skills and attitudes in peace, security and conflict management.
  5. Monitor and evaluate peace, security and conflict programmes
  6.  Apply religious and cultural practices, psychological principles and interventions to peacebuilding and conflict management 
  7. Assess the impacts of technology, migration, ethno-political, pastoral, environmental and natural resources conflicts
  8. Evaluate models, frameworks and methodologies of conflict analysis and transformation. 
  9.  Analyse contemporary and emerging peace, conflict and security issues and apply solutions to global security and conflict problems.
  10. Critically analyse the interaction between exclusion, governance, poverty and violence.

 Admission Requirements for the Programme

The common regulations for Masters’ degree in all schools/Institute of Garissa University shall apply. In addition, an applicant for the degree of Master in Peace, Security and Conflict Management must satisfy any one of the following three entry requirements:

  1. Holder of a Bachelor’s degree with at least upper division of Garissa University or institutions recognized by Garissa University Senate.
  2. Holder of a Bachelor’s degree with lower division honours and at least two years’ relevant experience after award of the degree or one research publication in a relevant field. 
  3.  Holder of a Bachelor’s degree with Pass and experience of not less than five years after award of the degree or with a postgraduate diploma. 

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