Directorate of Performance Contract, ISO and Strategic Planning

Directorate of Performance Contract, ISO and Strategic Planning

Sammy Kipkoech

Director of Performance Contract, ISO and Strategic Planning

Director, PC, ISO & SP Implementation Garissa University P.O. Box 1801-70100, Garissa


Welcome to the Directorate of Performance Contract (PC), ISO and Strategic Planning (SP) of Garissa University. Performance Contracting is part of the broader public sector reforms aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness in the management of the Public Service. Performance Contract operationalizes SP targets on annual basis. The university has been implementing performance contracts since 2015 in line with the government annual guidelines. In order to implement its strategic objectives and meet its mandate, the university develops five-year SPs in line with the government agenda and medium-term plans. The SP constitute a yardstick for which the university’s performance is measured on annual basis. The university is currently undertaking concerted effort to ensure it attains ISO 9001:2015 certification by June 2024. The adoption of ISO Quality Management Systems (QMS) is a strategic decision by the university to ensure delivery of service and/or product meets customer requirements through adoption of standardized operating procedures (SOP). This will streamline activities embedded in the SP and PC targets. The is directorate therefore mandated to spearhead the adoption of ISO QMS across all areas of operations in the University. Between 12th- 14th February 2024, the university undertook three days of intensive training programs for Deans, Directors, Heads of Departments, and sections (process owners) at Palm Oasis Resort. This is an ideal setting to embark GaU’s journey towards ISO-9001:2015 certification, clearly outlining the University’s commitment towards quality, effective and efficient service delivery to our esteemed students, staff and all stakeholders.


The Directorate of Performance Contracting, ISO and Strategic Plan is mandated to: –

  1. Development of University Annual Action Plans.
  2. Coordinating the drafting, negotiation, vetting, review, implementation and evaluation of the Performance Contracts (PC) in accordance to the guidelines provided by the relevant government agencies and submit the same for consideration by the University Management Board (UMB) and Council.
  3. Ensure Schools, Directorates and Departments implement the PC and to report to the relevant government agencies and UMB and Council.
  4. Ensure the university attains and maintain excellent composite score/outcome during PC annual evaluation by monitoring PC implementation and compiling evidences of activities done.
  5. Ensure that the University attains and remains ISO 9001:2015 certified.
  6. Being the contact office with external parties on issues relating to ISO standardization and PC.
  7. Spearheading the review and development of 5-year SPs in line with government guidelines and Medium-Term Plans (MTPs)
  8. Ensure annual implementation of Strategic Plan (SP) through annual PC targets.
  9. Ensure annual monitoring and evaluation of SP and report to UMB & Council.


  1. Ensure GaU attain and maintain excellence grade in PC evaluation every year.
  2. Ensure GaU attain ISO certification and remains ISO certified.
  3. Ensure timely review and development of strategic plans, and that targets are annually implemented through PC.


  1. To ensure timely review of existing SP, monitoring, evaluation and development of new university strategic plans
  2. To ensure the annual PCs are drawn from SP, and that they are fully implemented to attain and maintain an excellent composite annually during evaluation.
  3. To ensure compliance with ISO quality standards in service delivery within the University.


Professionalism, Accountability, Respect, Teamwork and Honesty


The directorate is committed to provision of consistent, timely, accurate, efficient and effective services that meet and satisfy customer expectations through continual improvement and conforming to local & international standards.


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