Dear New Student,

Congratulations on securing a place at Garissa University!

Garissa University is a Chartered Public University that is funded by the Government of Kenya. It is a premier institution that focuses on quality higher education.

The University is devoted to developing leaders who make a difference in their communities through excellent teaching, learning, and research. Our graduates have immensely and positively transformed their communities through entrepreneurship, teaching, leadership, development, and science.

As you may be aware, H.E. President William Samoei Ruto, appraised the nation on 3rd May 2023 on the higher education’s New Funding Model. The President announced that the government had resolved that higher education funding will henceforth be student-centered and apportioned to individual students according to their level of need. This policy shift is a deviation from the current funding arrangement where universities receive block funding in the form of capitation following placement of students at universities.

Under the New Model, students will meet their university fees requirements through a combination of scholarships, loans, and household contributions on a graduated scale that will be determined by a Means Testing Instrument (MTI). Students will be categorized by the MTI into five major socio-economic bands. The fees of the programme you will pursue and your family’s household income status will inform the level of financing you will get inform of government scholarships, loans, and bursaries. 

Your placement to Garissa University qualifies you to apply for a government scholarship, loan and bursary to assist you with your educational expenses. If you require Government financial support, you MUST make an application for consideration through the official scholarship and loan application portal Should the Government scholarship, loan and bursary not be sufficient to cover the entire cost of your programme, the remaining fee balance will be the responsibility of your parent/guardian.

You will soon be guided on how to download your admission letter from Garissa university website and apply for government funding.

We look forward to receiving you at Garissa University. Congratulations once again.




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