Goal of the programme

Garissa University Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Management programme is intended to provide learners with higher level research and analytical skills for a dynamic political, social and economic environment. Garissa University PhD in Business Management fills a knowledge gap in that, it will equip graduates with knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to social, economic and political practices today. The programme will provide progression opportunity to the graduate degree students pursuing Master of Business Administration at GaU. Being the only university in Northern Kenya, the University will offer opportunity to scholars within the counties who may want to pursue advanced degree studies

Upon successful completion of the Doctor in Philosophy in BM, graduands will have acquired knowledge, skills and research abilities to be able to:

  1. Actively participate in academic leadership, research, and policy development.
  2. Contribute unique insights and practical solutions to business management-related challenges through their research specialization choices.
  3. Teach and carry out research in higher education in the field of Business Management.
  4. Contribute to practical policy formulation in fields that require solutions to business management related challenges.
  5. Critically analyze, apply and engage in evidence-based practices in Business Management contexts. 
  6. Actively participate as members of learning and professional communities that are committed to making a difference to Business Management and workplace practices
  1. Finance
  2. Marketing MANAGEMENT
  3. Strategic Management
  4. Human Resource Management
  1. Garissa University common regulations for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy shall apply.
  2. An applicant for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management shall:
  1. Be a holder of Master’s Degree of Garissa University or any other University in any of the following disciplines; Business Management, Human Resource Management, Business Administration and Economics.
  2. Be a holder of a Master’s degree recognized by Senate as equivalent to status of the qualifications in (i) above. Holders of executive degree programmes do not qualify.


Goal of the programme

To provide learners with knowledge, skills and attitude to meet evolving career requirements for managers in the public and private sectors as agents, managers of change and business development experts.

The overall goal of the MBA degree is to train would be and practicing managers with knowledge, skills and competence in managing organizations.  The learning outcomes are to enable students to:

  1. Formulate and implement policies and procedures in business functional areas. 
  2. Apply research, analytical and problem solving skills in business management practice. 
  3. Manage challenges in modern and complex business environment. 
  4. Conduct business practices within the acceptable legal and ethical framework. 

The MBA Programme shall have the following areas of specialization:

  1. Accounting 
  2. Auditing and Forensic Accounting  
  3. Finance 
  4. Marketing Management
  5. Human Resource Management 
  6. Strategic Management 
  7. Entrepreneurship 
  8. Risk and Insurance  
  9. Monitoring and Evaluation 
  10. Business Leadership 
  11. Supply Chain management

A candidate must satisfy any of the following minimum requirements to be admitted to the MBA programme:


  1. A holder of a degree in Business or Commerce from a university recognized by CUE with first class or second upper-class honours or  
  2. A holder of a degree in business related field from a university recognized by CUE with second class lower division with two (2) years working experience or 
  3. A holder of a degree in any discipline from a university recognized by CUE with at least second-class lower division with a Diploma in Business related field validated by Garissa University Senate or  
  4. A holder of a degree in any discipline from a university recognized by CUE with at least second-class lower honours with three (3) years managerial experience, research, paper presentations or peer reviewed publications and relevant working experience