Procurement Department

Procurement Department

Welcome to The Procurement Department

A warm welcome to the Procurement Department. The Department is headed by a Senior Procurement Officer whose main responsibility is to coordinate the Public procurement and Disposal Activities as well as offer professional advice to the University Council and Management. The department has over 8 members of staffs who are all professionals in procurement and are members of relevant professional bodies.
The department seeks to ensure that procurement/disposal proceedings in the University are carried out within the required timelines while strictly adhering to Article 227 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010; the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act 2015; Public Procurement& Asset Disposal Regulations 2020, Circulars issued by the National Treasury/Public Procurement Regulatory Authority and other relevant laws

Our Mission is to provide user departments, suppliers and stakeholders with world class goods and services that add value by meeting their needs and expectations at the lowest cost possible.

A Center for procurement Excellence and Professionalism

Members of staff in Procurement Department will endeavour to adhere to the following core values

  1. Professionalism in carrying out duties;
  2. Integrity in dealing with customers and the general public;
  3. Transparency and accountability in all activities;
  4. Fair play in dealing with users and suppliers;
  5. Promotion of public confidence in the procurement process; and,
  6. Promotion of fair competition in procurement process.
  1. To Process requests for goods, services and works within the shortest time possible.
  2. To dispose of annually all unserviceable, obsolete and surplus stores, assets and   equipment.
  3. To comply with the Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 2015 and Regulations 2020.

CPSP Hussein Y. Noor
Head of Procurement

Contact Information

Garissa University, P. O. Box 1801 -70100,

Phone number 0726530493
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