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Welcome to The School of Education

The GaU School of Education strives to prepare the coming generation of enthusiastic educators and innovators positioned to improve education in their communities. Our courses are designed to incorporate the best learning practices and prepare our students for the countless ways they can contribute meaningfully to education today and explore educational challenges beyond the 21st century.

The School engages in the discovery, development, demonstration, and dissemination of professional knowledge and practice in the field of teacher education. We prepare professionals to serve as teachers, administrators, educational planners, curriculum developers, counsellors, psychologists, and policymakers.

We take our undergraduate students through a journey of transformation from high school graduates to individuals able to enrich the educational experiences of children. The hopes and dreams of the students are transformed into a professional disposition of improving the lives of others and dealing with critical challenges in education.

Our postgraduate programmes are tailored to provide transformative adult learning experiences for educators aspiring to lead the education sector. We cultivate innovative educational leaders and researchers who are appropriately skilled to handle important problems of policy and practice in education.



  1. Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Option, Human Resource and Banking Options)
  2.  Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management
  3.  Bachelor of Arts Economics
  1. Master of Business Administration (Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource and Strategic Management Options)

Dean, School of Education

PhD (Kiswahili) Mount Kenya University (2020) Master of Arts (Kiswahili) Egerton University (2007) Bachelor of Education Arts (Kiswahili and Library Studies) Kenyatta University 1999 Second Class Honours - Upper Division

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