The Student Council Leaders’ Induction Training.

The Student Council Leaders’ Induction Training was held at TUM – MOMBASA from the 5th to the 9th of January 2024. The training was led by Dr. Rosalia Mumo, the Dean of Students.

Distinguished keynote speakers were invited to address the student leaders during the event:

1) Dr. Samson Titus, a former Secretary-General of Moi University, an educationist, Scout Commissioner, and Red Cross Commissioner, spoke about national values and integrity. He also covered topics such as communication skills and report writing, as well as the challenges faced by student leaders.

2) Dr. Owino, the Dean of TUM, delivered a session on the history of student leadership, providing insights and perspectives on the subject.

3) Dr. Noor from Garissa University focused on stress management and guided counseling students. His session aimed to equip the student leaders with the necessary skills to support their peers during challenging times.

4) CPA Aden Musa, an expert in finance and budgeting, conducted a session on financial management. He shared valuable knowledge and practical tips on handling finances and budgeting effectively.

The induction training aimed to empower the student council leaders with essential skills, knowledge, and guidance to fulfil their roles effectively.

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